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This level is for Chinese/Mandarin learners who have limited prior knowledge to read Chinese alphabets or characters, and have difficulties to answer simple questions in Chinese.


Potential students will study Chinese pronunciation and know how to initiate or respond basic conversations in daily life, such as greetings, self-introduction, shopping (simple bargaining), ordering food, etc.

Elementary Level 1 (A1)

To improve pronunciation and be able to master basic Chinese vocabulary and sentence patterns. To enhance the ability of listening, speaking and be capable of socializing in daily life and at work.

Upper-elementary Level 2 (A2)

To be familiar with topics such as lifestyle, educational background, work and career, etc. Important word-building methods will also be learned.

Intermediate Level 3 (B1)

Potential students will learn to narrate a story, describe events, hopes and ambitions, give detailed accounts of experiences, and describe feelings and reaction.

Upper-intermediate Level 4 (B2)

To learn sophisticated topics that appear in public media and writings. Students will gain a vast knowledge of China's emerging market, business investment environment, and China's commercial culture.

Advanced Level 5 (C1)